Zelenskiy NFT Distribution during all stages and Revealing Mechanics

Pre-Mint start at

  • 31th MAY 15:00 UTC will hold out 22 hours until 1th JUNE 13:00 UTC.

The price is defined as 0.15 ETH

Quantity 2000 NFT

1 wallet can Pre-Mint 1 Zelenskiy NFT

How to be able for a Pre-mint?

To get on the white list, we will use the baggage of methods to compile, the 2000 of winners.

Zelenskiy NFT will publish the white list at 30th May, before Pre-Sale production and will publish instructions for Pre-Sale production.

After Pre-Minting

After pre-minting, we will send all unclaimed NFTs to the next step, check everything for correctness and monitor the distribution of minted NFTs after a 3-hour pause we proceed to the next step.

Public Mint start at

  • 1th JUNE 16:00 UTC — 13th JUNE 16:00 UTC

The price is defined as 0.2 ETH

Quantity 7500 NFT

1 wallet can can Mint up to 3 Zelenskiy NFT.

After Public Minting

After the end of the public mint, we will check all the correctness of the token distribution.

In case the collection does not get sold out status, the remaining tokens will be sent to an ETH wallet “0x3b285ac109719d1a5ce41C79d09ed4302c2Aa56E” for subsequent listing of all unsold NFT on the OpenSea platform at 0.25 ETH of each and the proceeds will be sent to the collection contract to split them with a multi-signature vault.

Reserve/Community Mint

  • 2th JUNE 17:00 UTC will continue until the end of minting.

The price is defined as N/a

Quantity 500 NFT

1 wallet can Mint 1 Zelenskiy NFT

How to be able for a Community Mint?

We use different methods to select winners, such as contests, collaborations, and awards for outstanding community members.

Is it possible to get a free Zelenskiy NFT after making lists?

Until all 500 NFT are minted, we reserve the right to add new winners even after the public minting is over.
These NFTs will also be used to reward war heroes in Ukraine.


Initially all NFT metadata links will point to the animated image, and after the public mining ends. It will take us a few days to verify and monitor all the transactions, after which we will start the signing process — six wallets will approve the transaction which will result in changing the metadata link.

Changing the link after it has been uploaded is forbidden by the contract, cannot be changed, not subject to deletion.

Due to the IPFS protocol, the Metadata cannot be changed or deleted.

We are going to host reveal on the 14th of June



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