Presenting the Zelenskiy NFT Collection to Aid Ukraine

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Today, NFTs have become a leading medium for art, impact, and community action. People around the world are coming together and embracing NFTs to push forward the barriers of technology and promote their favorite causes. However, despite the growing popularity, many people still don’t understand the prospects of NFTs as tools with broader utility.

The Zelenskiy NFT Collection is focused on supporting the Ukrainian people and celebrating their courage and bravery through an impactful art collection. The Zelenskiy is a unique algorithm-generated NFT collective that not only benefits the Ukrainian people by also has wider utility.

Detailed Breakdown

Total Generative Collection Offering: 10,000 Zelenskiys

Initial Mint Price: 0.2 ETH

Token Standard: ERC-721X (Ethereum Blockchain)

What is the Impact of the Zelenskiy NFT Collection?

Today, a wide majority of NFT projects are launched just to make profits. The phenomenon is expanding and resulting in purely commercial collections.

The Zelenskiy NFT Collection is launched as the premier collection that is designed and launched exclusively to benefit the people of Ukraine through directed donations and aid. The project is also engineered to offer expansive applications by relying on the prospects of the technology.

Our team is focused on creating an impactful stream to consistently support the Ukrainian people that have shown unprecedented bravery in the face of the challenges. The collection is also expected to communicate an artistic rendition of Ukrainian strength and courage. The artform showcases a diverse set of reflections through different Zelenskiys.

Holders have the ability to contribute to a great humanitarian cause while benefiting from long-term value. The collection is designed to automatically direct donations to the Ukrainian causes through embedded smart contracts.

The project is established on the basis of transparency and utility to provide value to the holders. Key aspects of utility include access to exclusive communities, limited merch, and broader events. We want to create a wholesome ecosystem where the community defines its directives and governance to support the right segments.

Breaking Down the Utility — Benefits to the Community

A key part of the Zelenskiy philosophy is to provide lasting value to the holders through impactful utility. Serving as a long-term supportive asset to the Ukrainian people, the collection offers the following advantages to the holders.

Governance — Leading Zelenskiy holders will have voting rights, with every collectible adding a vote into the governance process. The governance will define the trajectory of the community moving forward.

Exclusive Events — Holders of the Zelenskiy collection will be able to have access to exclusive virtual and real-life events organized to support the Ukrainian cause. Projects will feature emerging artists and foster positive communal growth.

Merchandise Drops — The collection will feature limited-edition merch drops to celebrate the bravery of the Ukrainian people. Holders will have the chance to become a part of the drops and get the highest quality plushies, shirts, and more.

Community Access — The Zelenskiy community will be home to impactful conversations featuring leading global figures and celebrities. The community access will be unlocked by holding the Zelenskiys.


The Zelenskiy Collection comes with an intuitive Tokenomics design to support the long-term growth of the ecosystem and provide expansive support to Ukraine. The collection will also bring significant value to the holders. Aside from the historic impact of the collection, parts of the fund collected will be used to create a lasting ecosystem.

Charity to Ukraine

50% of the funds from the initial mint sale will be directed automatically to established charities in Ukraine. The management will be focused on humanitarian efforts and supporting aid initiatives with resources. The charity will support the impacted people from the war and facilitate in improvement of the landscape for the locals.

Charity to European Union Initiatives

10% of the funds from the initial mint sale will be directed towards charities and support initiatives in the European Union. A significant percentage of refugees from Ukraine are currently being accommodated in Europe. Providing financial support to Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) and support initiatives is important to create a hospitable ecosystem for the locals.


5% of the funds from the initial mint sale will be placed in the liquidity pool to provide stability to the NFTs and create a stable ecosystem for the holders. The pool will be effectively managed under the governance protocols of the collection.


20% of the funds from the initial mint sale will be placed towards marketing initiatives to expand the message and promote donations for Ukraine. The marketing efforts will be designed to spread the impact of the message of peace and human support as well.

Development Wallet

10% of the funds from the mint sale will be directed toward the development wallet and associated requirements.


5% of the funding pool will be directed to the team to sustain development, management, and companies efforts to effectively govern the Zelenskiy community.

Royalty Fee Management

A 10% royalty fee structure will be implemented into the project to improve stability and create a reliable ecosystem. The focus of the project is to offer long-term value to the stakeholders and offer expansive value at all levels.

Here’s a breakdown of the distribution of the Royalty Fees.

  • NFT Holders-2,5%

Passive Income

Earning royalties from your NFTs

NFT marketplaces like OpenSea allow users to set their own royalty terms when minting new NFTs. Everytime someone sells your NFT or uses it according to royalty agreements, smart contracts will instantly execute a transaction to you.

Because we value our customers, we will reward our holders monthly in the form of 2.5% of trade volume.

Renting or delegating NFTs

NFTs already have use cases far beyond digital works of art.
The advantage of renting NFTs is that smart contracts can automatically find you a renter and keep a secure, auditable and untamperable record. Passive income from your NFTs is paid immediately according to the terms of your agreement.

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You can explore further details about the Zelenskiy NFT Collection by exploring our socials. Keep up with all the latest updates and news below.

You can explore further details about the Zelenskiy NFT Collection by exploring our socials. Keep up with all the latest updates and news below.

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World’s first #ChariFi & #NFT project where you get rewarded for holding NFT and doing good deeds.

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World’s first #ChariFi & #NFT project where you get rewarded for holding NFT and doing good deeds.