Introducing Zelenskiy NFT Ambassador program

Hey Zelenskiy NFT Community!

Since we started our airdrop and Community Rewards launch, we’ve received a lot of messages from community members who want to be actively involved in our community.

Another reason why we want to push on community building efforts is that the more we grow, the more we could attract investors, advisors, and well-known crypto experts, that can contribute for the success of the project.

We will adopt a tier based approach in our program
The members who are more active, who are putting more effort, and supporting our community building more will be upgraded into higher tiers with more rewards. After market release we will offer the top members of our community ambassadors rewards.

As this program gets more mature, we will also have educational and guided materials, so that members who want to put effort and be more active, can do everything with proven and successful methods.
Our Community Ambassadors Program will hopefully create benefits for:

Initial rewards will be indicated on 16.06

Please note that members who want to join the community ambassadors program will need to go through an onboarding processes. This is to make sure we can review each application, and that we are only going work with ambassadors who are not anonymous.

If you would like to apply for the Ambassador Program, you have to fill this form here.



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