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Zelenskiy NFT has a humanitarian purpose, the funds received will be used for humanitarian aid to citizens of Ukraine to non-profit companies.
We will monitor the expenditure of funds and report to the people who support us.
In this article we would like to tell you about the non-profit companies who are willing to become part of our team and help the people of Ukraine.
We have full confidence in these companies and are willing to introduce them to you.

Starlife goal is to deliver assistance by direct addresses.

Thanks to their well-organized supply chain, specific requests and needs of Ukrainian in need of assistance are timely satisfied. Your donation will transform into specific help to Ukrainian soldiers in just 3 to 7 days from hands to hands.

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“Med-Soyuz” is a private medical center in Sumy, where the cooperation of the best regional physicians was concentrated. After more than 10 years, we received thousands of grateful responses not only from the citizens, but also from the people who came to us for treatment from the cities of millions. Our staff is our pride as each of the doctors develop, improve qualification, make discoveries and do not stand still, having achieved recognition. In our work we use only high-quality diagnostic equipment of European production.

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Tablets - Childhood cancer is curable. And together, we can defeat it.
Every day, three families in Ukraine learn that their child has cancer. In today’s reality, only around 50% of children with cancer will be able to recover. In cooperation with the corporate sector, small and medium-sized businesses, public organizations, and charitable foundations, we are moving into the future, where the number of cancer survivors is growing.

Support for Hospitals — Our Foundation systematically supports Ukrainian children’s hospitals in purchasing equipment, renovating facility premises, improving working conditions for healthcare workforce. We consistently collaborate with 21 children’s cancer units. Monthly, 500 children from all over Ukraine receive targeted assistance from the Foundation.

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Peples coalitions
For us charity — it is first of all the ability to hear someone else’s pain. This is the ability to share someone else’s pain.

This is a systemic struggle with systemic problems. This is openness and, of course, focus on results.

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The right to life are a charitable organization that provides humanitarian aid to those who need it during hostilities.

From the first days of the war, we have been sending humanitarian aid every day from the western part of Ukraine to Kyiv, Kharkiv, Odesa and Zaporizhia.

We purchase all necessary medicines, food, children’s goods and clothing. We don’t plan to stop, only increasing the pace every day!

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The aim of our fund is to provide aid to civilians of Ukraine who suffered as a result of military action, humanitarian aid, as well as those who require medical treatment, people with disabilities, orphaned children, children’s homes, pensioners who do not have the means of subsistence.

Also, our goal is to continue to develop sports in our country. Provide financial assistance to promising athletes who, for whatever reason, are not funded.

Also, our plan is to provide cost-free legal assistance for people to receive social benefits and all social packages.




World’s first #ChariFi & #NFT project where you get rewarded for holding NFT and doing good deeds.

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Zelenskiy NFT

World’s first #ChariFi & #NFT project where you get rewarded for holding NFT and doing good deeds.