Contract V2 Update.

❗Important news ❗

Friends, in connection with the messages received from you and in order to improve the user experience, we made a redeploy of our NFT contract, updated to version 2.0, the changes were as follows:

1) We fixed the problem with buying 3 NFTs at once (the problem was that the third NFT went to the zero address and we couldn’t do anything with it, in fact, the NFT was dropped out of the collection).

2) Fixed the 500 NFT community reserve mint collection, now it’s all in one contract.

3) Fixed the functionality so that after the closing of the public sale round of the collection, it would be possible to send the remaining unsold NFTs for listing on Opensea

+ added a new distribution function for this.

4) We created a function for the distribution of already purchased NFTs on the old contract, after the launch of the contract, it allows to distribute the purchased NFTs while maintaining their index (NFT number).

5) Fixed the name of the token everywhere.

Data for importing a new contract into Metamask:

Custom token.

Contract: 0x594199a12e14D6c786a09Efb39D9000042561612

Token name: ZFT

Number: 0

You can remove the old collection name ZelenskiyNFT (now spelled separately) and the old ZFT token from MetaMask so as not to confuse them.

Considering that a large prize is being drawn, we have credited exactly the Zelenskiy NFT numbers that you bought to your wallets.

Please check your wallets to make sure you have received your NFTs.

The Zelenskiy NFT collection link to Opensea will now be located at:

Under the old contract (V1 OLD: 0x11D5C93a5Cd04cE187804f601E6e8E68BEE486cd), the balance is 23.75 ETH. Within the next few days, we expect the release of our ClearView system (real-time tracking of the movement of Zelenskiy NFT project tokens and their transfer to charitable foundations). As soon as the system is released, the ETH tokens received as a result of NFT sales on the old contract will be distributed in accordance with the declared distribution and transferred to charitable foundations.



World’s first #ChariFi & #NFT project where you get rewarded for holding NFT and doing good deeds.

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Zelenskiy NFT

World’s first #ChariFi & #NFT project where you get rewarded for holding NFT and doing good deeds.