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 About Us

Who Are We?

Empowering social welfare through a broader ecosystem. Zelenskiy NFT is providing people the opportunity to become a part of a positive movement to support victims of conflict around the world. Our mission is to support people in impoverished communities by using blockchain technology to create a charitable ecosystem for the future.

The Zelenskiy NFT team has decades of experience in creating scalable NFT projects using blockchain technology. Our team includes members with experience in leadership roles at Fortune 500 companies and leading startups. We believe in a global approach to problem-solving, and our team is backed by executives of leading global companies to support the Ukrainian cause. The fundamental technology is designed to improve the conditions of the people suffering from the war and to create value for stakeholders in the ecosystem.


We started this NFT project because of the events in Ukraine over the past few months. We are very grateful to Ukrainian as well as world stars who were not indifferent to this situation and decided to develop a counter gratitude and emphasize many who take an active part in humanitarian assistance to refugees and Ukraine as a whole! Unfortunately not everyone can be mentioned, but that in no way means that people of Ukraine and Europe do not notice it! Our project is a humanitarian mission for refugees from Ukraine, as well as for people who have remained in the danger zone in Ukraine. In this difficult time for the whole world, we want to add a note of positivity to the life of a contemporary art connoisseur and to record his contribution in helping Ukraine and its people.

Backed By Global Figures

Our partners include leading celebrities, thought leaders, and athletes from different global segments.

Our Mission

The Zelenskiy NFT Collection is an initiative focused on improving the conditions of the people of Ukraine through financial and symbolic support. We’re a ChariFi project that is actively rewarding positive social output through blockchain technology.

We aim to create a hallmark project that showcases symbolic support for the victims of the Ukrainian crisis through unique artwork. Our direct impact extends to the Ukrainian victims through our support for leading NGOs in the region.

Our Vision

Our vision is to become the leading ChariFi project in the world with an expansive impact on key segments around the world. We seek to provide support to all victims of conflict and to improve the humanitarian conditions of refugees. Zelenskiy NFT hopes to serve as the foundation of aid efforts using blockchain technology. We envision a world with enhanced transparency and a shift to a trust-less system where users can have complete trust that their donations are reaching the right destination.

Progress Through Technology

We’re facilitating the next shift in technology by providing a platform to consumers around the world. Zelenskiy NFT will empower consumers to support the victims of the Ukrainian conflict while providing a comprehensive ecosystem through blockchain technology.

Organizations We’re Working With

We’re working with the following organizations to support Ukrainian and provide aid to refugees displaced as a result of the conflict.

Become A Part Of The Movement

Join Zelenskiy NFT to shape the future of the blockchain with ChariFi.

Website: https://zelenskiynft.com

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Our Team

Our team is at the root of our operations. Here are our core team members.


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